Wedding Etiquette and Social Media Essentials for 2017

Wedding etiquette is all about following the proper decorum on one’s wedding day, either as a guest or the bride herself. Etiquette in the age of social media has created many new situations that today’s brides and grooms have to navigate tactfully. Below we outline the most essential things to know about wedding etiquette in 2017.

First off, you just popped the question or said: “I do.” Now what? More and more brides-to-be will immediately hop on social media to start sharing the news, but not everyone appreciates learning about an engagement via impersonal social media. When it comes to your close friends and family, call or Skype them first or just tell them in person if possible as they’ll want the information straight from your mouth.

Another common faux pas that social media has encouraged is posting too much information about your engagement ring. There is nothing wrong with sharing a picture and letting people know what it looks like. But getting into price and size just comes off as gloating. Stay tasteful and keep respectable.

On the wedding day itself, we’ve seen plenty of brides make the mistake of trying to have it all and broadcast every last deal from their big day. Instead, consider designating a Tweeter of Honor who will update everyone who couldn’t attend your ceremony with pics and updates from your wedding.

What about invites? With so many aspects of weddings turning digital, what’s wrong with email invites? Nothing really, but think about. Most people gets tens if not hundreds of emails a day. So while it doesn’t hurt to send out email reminders, sticking to paper will make your invitation stand out from all the digits detritus.

Finally, with so much of wedding planning being shared on social media these days, try and keep a positive tone on your social posts. Never show yourself complaining or venting about how hard the process is. Your guests want you to have a good time and if they see you complaining, it can set the wrong tone.

While social media has created numerous new fault lines that brides must be aware of, it’s also created whole new opportunities and ways of sharing your big day.