The Wedding Photo Checklist: Shots You’ll Want for Wedding Day

The Wedding Photo Checklist: Shots You’ll Want for Wedding Day

Here’s something that shouldn’t surprise you: weddings are hectic. For all the planning and preparation, there are still a million things to manage come your big day. When it comes to wedding photography, more and more couples are going with photographers who don’t just snap great couples pics, but can capture the little moments that can easily pass you by. By doing your research in advance and drawing up a list of the shots you definitely want from your wedding photographer, you can make sure that all of the perfect moments are captured for eternity. Here are some of our must-have wedding photos.

Prepping: Be it the best man helping the groom with his tie or a bridesmaid applying a last-minute touch-up of makeup, getting ready for the wedding is full of these picture-perfect moments. To ensure you get the best of both bridal parties’ preparation, consider hiring two photographers to maximize your coverage.

Dress Details: You’re likely going to get about a hundred photos of your wedding dress, but taking a photo of the dress before you put it on can make for a breathtaking shot. Additionally, look past the dress to get photos of the hair and makeup details you’ve put so much time into.

Ring Shots: There are lots of ways to shoot your wedding ring, so consider doing a still-life with the two wedding bands placed on top of one another. A close-up shot of your hand against your dress is also a timeless image.

Shot Shots: When you and yours are getting your couples photos taken, have the photographer take a picture of just your feet for a cutely quirky photography.

Invitations and Miscellany: From the first save-the-date notifications to your wedding day menus, capture all the hard work you’ve put into your wedding with a picture of all of your printed items together.

Guest Gifts: Just like the invitations, don’t let all the hard work you’ve put into the gifts for your guests be lost to time. Before your guests arrive, have your photographer take a nice still-life of your beautifully-assembled gifts.

Groom’s Accessories: Another detail shot that often gets overlooked is a shot of all the groom’s accessories–belt, shoes, socks, etc.–laid out on a bed. And we’re assuming you’re already doing this shot for the bride.

The First Step: There are likely no more prized shots in wedding photography than capturing the immediate reaction after a couple tie the knot. From the second you and yours are married, be sure to have a photographer in charge of capturing all the reaction shots as these are often the most memorable.

We realize there might be one or a dozen we’re leaving out above, but this should help you get started on creating a pretty lengthy checklist.

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