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What Are The Benefits of a Fall Wedding?

What Are The Benefits of a Fall Wedding?

One of the first decisions that you need to make when planning your wedding is what date you will have it on. If you decide on a Saturday, the most common day to have a wedding, that already limits your choices to 52 in any given year. The next step is deciding what month and date to have your wedding. This might seem like an easy decision, but there are many factors to consider as each season comes with its own pros and cons. You might be on the fence about a fall wedding, but there are actually many benefits that come with hosting a wedding in September, October, or November. If you still aren’t sure whether a fall wedding is right for you, keep reading to learn more about the benefits and how you can make your day even more special!

Stunning Fall Foliage for Photos

One of the biggest benefits of hosting a fall wedding is the fall foliage. Imagine the stunning orange, yellow, and red hues serving as the backdrop for your wedding photos. While it will take a bit of planning to ensure the leaves will be just right on your special day, there truly is nothing more magical than the backdrop nature provides in the fall.

Temperate Weather Perfect for an Outdoor Ceremony

Another benefit of a fall wedding is that the weather is typically milder, so you can host an outdoor wedding ceremony without worrying that you or your guests will overheat. In early fall, the weather is still nice, and the sun still shines, but temperatures aren’t likely to sail into the 80s or 90s and leave your guests sweating and wishing they were at a ceremony with air conditioning.

Unique Seasonal Ingredients

Fall weddings also provide a unique opportunity to capitalize on seasonal ingredients. You can take advantage of all the seasonal fruits and vegetables by incorporating them into your dinner, dessert, and drink menus! From serving hot apple cider to squash-based soups, the seasonal ingredients in fall are truly spectacular.

More Affordable Packages

Something else to keep in mind is that because fall is often considered off-peak season for weddings, things can be more affordable. Even if the wedding venue isn’t offering fall wedding discounts, your vendors might. Saving a couple of hundred dollars on a few vendors can really add up. That is money you can put towards a honeymoon or save up for the life that you and your fiancé are creating together.

 Host Your Gorgeous Fall Wedding at The Park Savoy Estate!

If you are going to host a fall wedding, there is no better place to do it than The Park Savoy Estate. That is because we host outdoor wedding ceremonies so you can truly capture the beauty of the fall foliage in your photos. We also offer seasonal menu items so you can make the most of the fall ingredients like pumpkin and squash. As the premier estate wedding venue in New Jersey, The Park Savoy Estate is the perfect venue to host your magical wedding. If you are interested in learning more or touring our grounds, contact us today!




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