What is Proper Save the Date Etiquette?

In what may be the most exciting first step in your wedding preparations, sending out your Save the Dates is your time to get your guests in the loop and begin the long road ahead to your wedding day. Before you start worrying about the color or style of your cards, knowing the ins and outs of Save the Date etiquette can save you unexpected headaches and build excitement for your coming event. Here are a few major questions you may have in mind.


  1. When should they be sent out?

Ideally, your Save the Date card should be sent out at least six months before your wedding day to give your guests plenty of time to book their travel accommodations, get their schdules and finances in order to ensure they make an appearance.


  1. Do guests need to be added to the cards?

To give yourself ample time to correct any errors you may have made on your invite list, be sure to include guest names on your cards. This will ensure that your guests have a clear idea of exactly who’s invited, so you can avoid any general confusion and maintain a proper headcount that suits your budget.


  1. Should everyone receive a Save the Date?

While bridesmaids/groomsmen, family members and parents are already well aware of when and where the ceremony will take place, you still need to send this notices out to them. This is a common courtesy on your part, and these cards can be helpful reminders to have around the house to help your loved ones make the necessary preparations before your big day!

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