What to Ask Your Tailor During Fittings

What to Ask Your Tailor During Fittings

Shopping for a wedding dress is an exciting time. However, it’s important to remember that after you pick out the gown, you’re not quite done. You also have to have the dress fitted and most likely altered, which can be a bit of a process. Whether you’re getting your dress fitted and altered where you bought it or hitting up a different tailor, it’s important to ask the following questions!


How long will the alterations take?

Wedding planning is already stressful enough so you don’t want to add anxiety about your wedding dress alterations into the mix. That is why it’s essential to ask your tailor upfront how long the alterations will take. If it’s going to take a few weeks, make sure you head in at least a month before the wedding. You always want to leave a bit of a cushion so you don’t have to stress.


How many fittings do you need to have?  

Another important question to ask if how many fittings you will need to have. Some tailors are fine with one fitting right before the wedding. For more intricate alterations, like necklines or lace, you might need to go for a few different fittings. Be sure you know upfront how many dress fittings you will need to attend.


What should you wear for future fittings?

Another question to ask is what you should wear to the fitting and/or future fittings. Do you need to have your wedding shoes? Do you need to have all of your wedding undergarments? Some fittings will require certain items to be worn or brought with you, so it’s important to know that up front so you can acquire them in time.


Do they offer steaming services as well?

Just because a dress is altered and fits you perfectly doesn’t mean that it’s wedding day ready. In addition, you might also want to get your dress steamed to ensure there are no wrinkles. If that’s the case, you should ask your tailor if they offer steaming services as well. Not only will you decrease the number of errands you have to run if they can do it all in one place, but you might even get a discount!


What type of coverage is there if the dress gets damaged?

No one wants to think about bad things happening, but it’s important to prepare for the worst, especially when it comes to weddings. Sometimes mistakes happen, which is why you should always ask what type of coverage or insurance the tailor offers in case your wedding dress is damaged in any way.


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