What to Bring to an Outdoor Wedding: Wedding Party Edition

What to Bring to an Outdoor Wedding: Wedding Party Edition

If you are in the wedding party for an outdoor wedding, there’s more to it than remembering to get your bridesmaid’s dress altered or picking up your tux on time. In fact, outdoor weddings take things a step further because you need to have an extra level of preparation. If you’re wondering just what to bring to an outdoor wedding, you’re in luck! We break down the five items you must bring to an outdoor wedding to keep the day running smoothly! 



Sunscreen might be the last thing you want to think about, but it’s crucial. If you’re in an outdoor wedding you are likely going to be in the sun all day. That means plenty of exposure to the sun’s rays, which can not only exhaust you but can also leave you bright red in all of the wedding photos. You know, the wedding photos that the bride and groom will cherish for a lifetime. Make sure you bring sunscreen and actually apply it as directed throughout the day! 


Deodorant & Perfume 

If you’re in the wedding party for an outdoor wedding you will also want to pack some deodorant and perfume or cologne. Being out in the heat all day will likely cause you to perspire and you certainly don’t want to smell the whole day and night! If you’re starting to get sweaty, steal away into the bathroom to reapply so you smell fresh all wedding long. 



Something else you will want to bring to an outdoor wedding is your sunglasses. Think about it; how many pictures are going to be taken? If you’re squinting the whole time because the sun is too bright, the bride and groom might not love the outcome. 


Insect Repellent 

Though mot venues take precautions to make sure there aren’t bugs, you might also want to bring some bug spray. This will keep any mosquitos or other insects away so you can enjoy the day without being attacked! We’re sure the bride and groom will be much happier to see you enjoying the night with them rather than swatting at bugs all night! 


A Shawl or Wrap 

You think an outdoor summer wedding and the first thing that comes to mind is the heat. That’s why most people don’t even think about bringing a shawl or wrap. Thankfully, you’re reading this so you can be prepared to party all night after the sun goes down and the heat fades! 


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