What to Do When the RSVP Gets Awkward

What to Do When the RSVP Gets Awkward

We’ve all heard horror stories about wedding guests that just won’t take a hint or flat out break wedding protocol. So, what do you do when the RSVP gets awkward? Keep reading for a few tips for handling awkward wedding planning moments that often arise.

1) Someone says: “We haven’t gotten the invite yet…”

Imagine you’re out for dinner with friends when a casual acquaintance brings up your wedding and mentions that they haven’t received their invitation yet. There are a few ways to handle this, depending on how blunt you want to be. You can blame the budget or inform them that you decided to keep it small and intimate. If you want to avoid more awkwardness, you can also state that the guest list isn’t finalized yet but mention that you’re pretty tight on space.

2) A guest asks: “Can we bring the kids?”

The best way to have an adult-only reception is to simply address invites to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, instead of The Smith Family. This implies that only adults are invited. If someone asks to bring their children, you could mention budget or space constraints that are putting a limit on the number of guests. You can also specifically state that your event is adults only on the invitation.

3) An RSVP response card never comes back or has a handwritten note saying: “We’ll try to make it…”

What do you do if you receive an RSVP back with a handwritten note saying, “We’ll try to make it” or something along those lines? An RSVP is supposed to be a firm yes or no so something non-committal defeats the purpose. If this happens, consider reaching out to the person to get some more information. See if they just need a bit more time to answer since they’re waiting on a time-off request from work or something similar.

If a guest just doesn’t respond by the RSVP date, you should reach out to them to get a firm yes or no answer. The last thing you want to happen is guests show up that you hadn’t planned for or to spend money on dinner plates for guests that never show up.

4) Someone asks: “Do I get a plus one?”

You and your significant other have worked hard to craft a guest list. So, what should you do if your second cousin is asking if they can bring their girlfriend that they just started seeing or a random date? Nicely explain to them that the venue is at max capacity. If they really push you on the issue, mention that you’ll let them know if other people decline and room opens up. Only choose this option if there is any possibility that the guest will be allowed to come.

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