What To Do When Wedding Attendants Don’t Get Along

What To Do When Wedding Attendants Don’t Get Along

When you plan a wedding, one of the most important decisions you will make is who to name as your wedding attendants. Choosing them is an important task because these are the people that will be there for you throughout the planning process and support you on the big day. You choose your attendants wisely, but what happens if they just aren’t getting along?

When wedding attendants don’t get along, it can definitely make things more stressful for you. You want to avoid drama leading up to the big day and during the wedding itself! Here are some tips on what to do when your wedding attendants are not getting along.

Don’t Take It Personal

It is important that you don’t take bickering wedding attendants personally. Some people just don’t see eye to eye, and that says nothing about you or your decision to include certain people in your wedding party. These are all people that are important to you and people that you want to stand by your side on the big day.

Don’t Pick Sides

Drama is inevitable sometimes. That doesn’t mean you have to get involved, though. Unless someone is way out of line, try your best to stay neutral and play a mediator. Your wedding should be a cause for celebration, not for petty fighting. Be sure to remind your wedding attendants of that if tempers flare.

Have a Heart to Heart

If the problems are getting too difficult to handle, you might need to step in. Sit down individually with the bridesmaids that are fighting and talk it out. Let them know that they are causing you stress and try to find ways that the conflict can be resolved so everyone can enjoy themselves.

Designate A Mediator

When wedding attendants are not getting along, designate a mediator to handle this for you on your wedding day. Choose someone that you trust and someone that knows how to keep any disagreements from getting out of hand. Some of the issues might be valid. You want to avoid creating further drama through gossip or negative conversations about a member of your wedding party. Make sure the mediator lets everyone know to take their issues away from the festivities. Have them remind the attendants that the day is not about them and, if necessary, they will be asked to leave.

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