Where to Find Wedding Inspiration

Where to Find Wedding Inspiration

If you’re getting married, you probably want to start planning your wedding right away. But where do you start to look for inspiration? The Park Savoy Estate is here to help. Keep reading for ideas on where to find wedding inspiration for your big day!


One of the first places brides and grooms start their wedding inspiration search is on Pinterest. The app lets you search and scroll through hordes of different wedding ideas. You can search for specific things like “rustic wedding” or “boho wedding theme” and even narrow down your searches to “best spring wedding décor” and “best wedding cakes.” What’s even better is that you can pin the posts that interest you on a wedding board for easy access later.

Visit the Craft Store

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from the craft store. Before you scoff, think about how many things you can find at the craft store. You can look at different floral arrangements, stunning frames to hold your table numbers, mirrors and vases for centerpieces, and more. Many craft stores even have special wedding sections that really provide a boost of inspiration.

Attend a Bridal Show

Bridal shows are the perfect place to get inspiration for your wedding. These shows have vendors of all types, including stationary, DJs, florists, venues, and more. You can peruse what these different vendors have to offer and draw inspiration from the various booths that you encounter as you walk around. Plus, a lot of these vendors offer discounts if you book with them at the show or shortly after!

Dine Out

When you are out and about on the town, be sure to check out the décor and vibe of different establishments. Do you like the rustic look of the new place in town, or do you draw more inspiration from the upscale black-tie establishment that you and your fiancé love? If there’s something you like, don’t be afraid to take pictures so you can try to replicate it on your big day!

Embrace Nature

There’s something to be said about immersing yourself in nature. It’s the perfect place to draw inspiration for your wedding! From looking at beautiful flowers to enjoying the tranquility of a hike, embracing nature is a good way to get inspiration for your wedding. Plus, sometimes just unplugging and connecting with your fiancé is a great way to come up with a game plan for the wedding.

Visit Your Venue

Another great way to draw inspiration for your wedding is to check out what you have to work with. You’ve likely already toured your venue before signing contracts, but when you’re ready to start planning décor it’s a great idea to head back in to look around once more.

The Park Savoy Estate Can Provide Plenty of Inspiration for Your Wedding!

If you are hosting your wedding at The Park Savoy Estate, there is plenty of inspiration that you can draw from our venue. Walk around our beautiful grounds to look for the perfect wedding photo spots, or stroll through the garden where we hold ceremonies for ideas on how to enhance the intimacy of your ceremony even more. Plus, you can check out our ballroom to see what type of themes would blend well with the elegant reception room.

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