The Winter Flowers and Bouquets to Know About For your Winter Wedding

The Winter Flowers and Bouquets to Know About For your Winter Wedding

The traditional approach to winter wedding flowers has always put an emphasis on flowers that mirror and complement the change in weather with neutral weddings being particularly popular this time of year, mirroring the snow-speckled landscape. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean it can’t be colorful in your wedding hall as winter flowers afford a great deal of creativity. Here are some of the on-trend flowers and bouquets you should know about.

The Top Winter Wedding Flowers to Know About

While many assume that there may be lesser flowers available in winter, in fact, there are a large number of gorgeous and colorful choices. Most importantly, the variety of seasonal flower styles empowers one to both draw upon classic symbols of elegance while having much to choose from to help you inject your own unique personality. After all, during the months of December, January, and February there are many options that allow you to realize your dream winter wedding, full of deep tones and nuanced accents.

Here are five flowers to consider using in your floral bouquets and centerpieces:

  • Amaryllis – One of the enduring classics of winter wedding flowers, amaryllis is a versatile flower coming in a variety of colors like classic red, white, and a beguiling orange-pink. This versatility enables a whole host of different combinations.
  • Winterberry – Known by its other name of ilex verticillata, these red berries are perfect for holiday weddings in particular as they capture the look of the season.
  • Anenomes – This black-centered flower is in season from October to May and comes in colors that range from white to yellow and red.
  • Succulents – Using fresh-picked winter greens is always a great way to spruce up a bouquet, providing a base color tone that will bring your flowers to life.
  • Astilbe – Otherwise known as “false goat’s beard,” these small-blossom icicle-like flowers come in white, red, and fuschia, providing brides with an understated yet dramatic accent to spruce up any bouquet.

Approaching the Winter Floral Bouquet

When it comes to creating a vibe of vintage elegance, it helps to mix up old-style touches with your flowers while updating your bouquet for the 21st century. One classic look is to combine green, pink, red, and white but one can do this in a variety of exciting ways. For instance, Deep Red Dahlias add a lush color while pink astilbe can add a whimsical accent that can truly bring a bouquet to life. And if you want to go for a seriously elegant look, Nike Cymbidium Orchids always add that extra special quality to a bouquet.

Of course, the above are just suggestions; a jumping-off point to get you thinking about the different colors and types of flowers and the many creative ways to realize your vision.

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