Winter Flowers to Match Any Wedding Palette

Winter Flowers to Match Any Wedding Palette

Winter in the northeast might not look very colorful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have vibrant flowers for your winter wedding. In fact, there are plenty of options for flowers that are in season during the winter. Flowers are a great way to add some brightness to your wedding and even during the winter months there are great flower options to match any wedding color palette that you could dream up. 


Whites, Creams, & Ivory 


Most winter wedding color palettes touch on at least one of these colors and thankfully, there are plenty of great in-season floral options to choose from if yours does as well. While there is always the classic white rose, you can also choose flowers like the ornate Oriental Hybrid Lily or Phalaenopsis Orchid. Stephanotis, Gardenias, and Narcissus Paper Whites are also elegant options that will add a touch of romance to your floral arrangement. Calla Lilies are just one more sophisticated option if your budget can handle it, as their peak season is from winter until late spring. 


Blues & Purples 


In the flower world, it’s often difficult to distinguish between blue and purples. Most true-blue flowers are dyed, like Carnations or Daisies, so if you want a more natural look, there are other flowers that you can turn to that have a blue hue to them. Limonium, Montecasino Asters, and Statice Sinuata all fall into the purple/blue category and are great options if you’re looking to pull in flowers to match that color palette. 


Pinks & Reds 


Pink and red are the colors most often associated with romance, which makes them a great option for your winter wedding. The good news is that there are plenty of options for pink and red flowers during the winter months. First and foremost, you have the ever-romantic rose. In addition, tulips come in a variety of hues ranging from red to pink. Amaryllis is another unique option that comes in red, as are Gerberas and Ranunculus. 


Yellows & Golds 


Yellows and golds are other popular choices for a winter wedding color palette. For a hint of bright yellow, Daffodils are in season from November until April and can inject some liveliness into more muted floral arrangements. Freesia is another more muted yellow-gold flower that is available year-round. Also available in yellow are roses, which add a romantic touch to your arrangements. 


Greenery & Filler Stems 


An important part of any floral arrangement are the greenery and filler stems that play a supporting role. During the winter there are still good options for this, such as Queen Anne’s Lace, Solidago, Waxflower, Gypsophila and the ever-popular Baby’s Breath. 


When you are choosing flowers for your wedding, it is important to ensure that they’ll match your venue. A rustic venue might not mesh well with sophisticated and elegant flowers, just as an elegant venue might not be the right setting for sunflower bouquets. That is why you should consider choosing your venue before setting out in search for your flowers. The Park Savoy Estate is an amazing estate wedding venue in New Jersey and we would be happy to host your wedding. Contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today to schedule your appointment! 

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