Winter Wedding Trends to Start Considering Now

While it’s never too late to add a last-minute design idea or decoration, when it comes to incorporating winter wedding trends, ranging from dresses and décor to floral trends, many of the major decisions have to be made at least several months in advance. Thus, if you’re getting married in the winter months of 2018, you’ve likely already familiarized yourself with many of the industry trends that will make your winter wedding sizzle. But chances are there is still plenty you need to decide and so to help you make the big choices for your 2018 winter wedding, we’ve outlined five winter wedding trends for next winter we think will be a hit with many of our brides and grooms. 

1. Dress Trends 

One major through-line we noticed across the different collections, shown during last year’s New York Bridal Fashion Week, was a major return to Old World Renaissance styles, such as off-the-shoulder dresses for brides getting married in warmer climates or those wishing to show off a bit of skin indoors. However, if you want something simpler, a minimal look provides a fresh yet conservative option that can be perfect for the season when the trees are draped in snow. A number of minimal dresses that are taking off also incorporate the off-the-shoulders look while capes and caplets are making a comeback this coming season, offering a practical and stylish way to stay warm during a winter wedding. 

2. Wedding Party Trends 

While we will certainly touch on wedding party dress trends in a future piece, right now we’re taking a look at some of the broader changes in bridal party behavior. And one major trend that’s picked up serious steam as of late is having a mixed gender wedding party. After all, rare is a bride or groom these days that doesn’t have a close friend of the opposite gender, and it’s becoming increasingly common for brides and grooms to break the same-gender rule when it no longer applies to them. 

3. Décor Trends 

While 2017’s spring and summer weddings have all been about greenery in the color department, winter wedding trends give us a chance to move away from the Pantone playbook into themes that are as timeless as they are tasteful. For instance, metallics have been hot for several seasons now and January and February are a great time to pair a metallic-heavy centerpiece or table accents with a variety of geometric shapes to create a wedding that full of form and flash. Vintage candle holders are an especially great look if you’re going for a more fantastical or elegant look.  

4. Dinner Trends 

When it comes to dinner, most brides and grooms are choosing to go with either self-service buffets or plated dinners. However, two trends that are on the rise are food stations where a team of trained chefs can make individualized versions of the main dishes and family style dinners where a table shares from the same serving bowls to help create a positive, communal vibe. Ultimately you want to go with whatever both reflects your personalities while not being too much of a headache, so it’s really a matter of taste more than trend when it comes to dinner. 

5. Cake Trends

The ever-shrinking wedding cake trend continues! We may be exaggerating a bit, but the days of wedding cakes made to match the height of a small child seem increasingly numbered as more and more couples are going for choice over quantity. By choosing five different miniature cakes, you can ensure everyone’s sweet tooth is happy while making for a considerably easier-to-transport dessert.