How to Create a Perfect Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

How to Create a Perfect Signature Cocktail for Your Wedding

One wedding trend that’s become almost as ubiquitous as wedding hashtags is creating a signature cocktail for the big day. As we’ve discussed at length, personalization has become a hallmark of wedding over the past ten years or so as the rise in personalized drinks and meals have opened up a whole new avenue for couples to communicate their special bond to guests. While buffets are always popular, many younger couples are choosing to work with either the venue’s chef or someone they bring into craft a menu for the kitchen staff to prepare.

Getting Personal with Signature Cocktails

Cocktails are one area that have become particularly popular when it comes to creating something new and unique for your wedding. Typically, couples are advised to choose one drink that is their personal favorite and another original creation that is reflective of their relationship.

When choosing a signature drink, it’s smart to stay seasonal with your selection. If you are getting married over the holidays, than a creamy drink might make sense, but in the summer, something fruity and refreshing tends to work best.

Get Colorful

In addition to the season, looking to your wedding colors and overall theme is another crucial factor in shaping your signature cocktail. For instance, if pink is one of your primary colors and your wedding is being held during the summer, then a drink with watermelon juice and gin is a great place to start for your classic drink. You can truly go wild in working with your wedding planner or mixologist to brainstorm your own cocktail.

Of course, unless Hipnotiq or Blue Curacao are your thing, matching your drink to your wedding color can be difficult if blue is your go-to hue. An easy way to work in a color that doesn’t have a liquid equivalent is to pair it with a colored napkin that will liven up the presentation.

Ask For Help

One common debate couples face is whether to hire a professional mixologist or not. Living in the tri-state area like many of us do, we are rather spoiled in that many of the world’s top mixologists call this area home and thus if you were ever going to hire a mixologist, this would be the place to do it. And if you’re not especially gifted at coming up with drinks or ever mixing your own, then calling in some help–let alone someone who can make over a hundred kinds of bitters–might be the best call.

Ultimately, when creating a signature cocktail, whether working with a professional or doing it yourself, you want to create something eye-catching and tasty. Of course, if you’re going for the sweeter side of drinks, then consider dropping the alcohol content considerably as it’s easy to lose track when you’re drinking a cocktail that tastes unique and delicious. And by having the drink reflect your own personal romantic narrative, a signature cocktail adds an undeniably personal touch that will resonate with your guests.

And don’t forget to have a non-alcoholic beverage for those not of age and those who’d rather not drink!

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