How to Plan the Perfect First Look

How to Plan the Perfect First Look


While brides and grooms traditionally aren’t supposed to see each other before they walk down the aisle, couples are now shifting towards participating in a first look. This is when the couple sees each other before the ceremony so they can have a few intimate moments together while allowing the photographer to snap better photos than would be possible if they were separated by an entire aisle.  


First looks are becoming more and more prevalent so if you’re planning on doing one, you’re in good company! Always talk to your venue to ensure that they can provide you with the perfect space for your first look and keep others out of the intimate moment. If you’re planning a first look before your wedding there are a few things to keep in mind. Your first look will leave you with stunning pictures for a lifetime if you follow these tips! 


Leave Enough Time 


One of the most important things about a first look is giving yourself enough time to take the pictures. You are going to capture a magical moment on film and the last thing you want is to be stressed and anxious the whole time. Be sure to leave an adequate amount of time for the photos. This includes travel to the photo location—including some finagling to ensure you and your fiancé don’t see each other early—getting set up in the perfect spot, letting your photographer mess around with lighting and exposure, and finally, actually taking the pictures.   


Pick Your Location in Advance 


Something else that is crucial for first look photos is scoping out a place in advance. This will not only save you time on the big day, but it will keep your stress levels lower and allow you to really enjoy the moment. Also, in case of rain, be sure to have a backup plan in mind should outdoor photos not be possible. With light rain, you could utilize cute clear umbrellas for a stunning shot, but a downpour will definitely require and indoor shoot. 


Get a Trusted Bridal Party Member in on It 


Having a trusted member of your bridal party—one for you and one for your fiancé—is also important for planning the perfect first look. They will coordinate and keep you and your fiancé from seeing each other before the big reveal. Whether that’s tying blindfolds on you or making sure you actually keep your eyes closed, this is essential for the perfect first look. 


Make Sure Your Photographer is Informed 


You’d be surprised how many couples plan for a first look and never let their photographer know before the big day. The last thing you want to happen is to be ready for your first look and have your photographer nowhere to be found because they’re scoping out the perfect shot locations for the ceremony. Keep them in the loop from the start, including discussing the location and game plan for the first look, as well as any “must have” photos that you want from the shoot. Plus, your photographer is a professional who will be able to give you suggestions on location, timing, and poses that will help you take the perfect first look photos. 


The Park Savoy Estate is the Perfect Backdrop for Your First Look Photo Shoot 


If you are planning a first look for your wedding, you want the right backdrop for your photo shoot, so talk with one of our amazing event specialists to make the most of your venue. As the premier estate wedding venue in New Jersey, The Park Savoy Estate is the place for you.  


We have beautifully manicured grounds with vibrant flowers and shady knolls. With so many spots throughout the property to choose from you’re destined to find the ideal spot for your first look photos.  If you want to make the Park Savoy Estate your wedding venue, contact us today to schedule your tour!

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