Unique Style Touches to Personalize Your Bridal Look

Weddings are typically built on the idea that specific traditions need to be honored, but since this is such a deeply personal and pivotal event in you and your significant other’s lives, there’s no reason you can’t go against the grain! Wedding style is constantly evolving, but a bridal trend that has become extremely popular is the inclusion of personal attire, fabric accents and other additions that say a little something about the bride coming down the aisle. After all, there’s no rule that says you need to wear the white dress and a veil, so think about these potential style choices when putting together your bridal ensemble.


  1. Statement Jewelry

While this will look out of place with a traditional wedding dress, brides who are opting for a simple gown can punch up the look of their outfit with ease with statement necklaces, earrings and other accessories. Go for something bold – it’s your big day so strut your stuff!


  1. Fanciful Fabrics

Texture is a compelling element to any ensemble, and there are myriad fabrics that you can use to accent your bridal ensemble. Tweed, metallic leather and other fabrics can be incorporated into your outfit in footwear, sashes and other accessories to give your look an eye-catching appeal.


  1. Sneakers

Some brides just feel out of place in opulent heels, and those who are a bit more sporty will be enthused to find out that sneakers are having their wedding moment. There are countless styles out there that can add a personal touch to your ensemble, and they can give your look a pop of contemporary style. You’ll be on your feet for hours during your nuptials, so this is a stylish and comfortable way to buck convention.


  1. Skip the Dress

It’s your wedding, wear what you want! If you want to skip the traditional wedding dress, popular alternative styles include lace pantsuits, strapless short dresses or colorful, elegant gowns. These are great options for ladies who love to think outside of the box and want to show off their personal style rather than adhering to long-held traditions.


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