3 Unconventional Wedding Dance Songs

Whether it’s the song the father and the bride dance to, or the defining wedding couples’ slow dance, choosing the right song can be hives-inducing stressful. What if it’s too fast? What if it’s too slow? Do we want to change tempo midway? What song is “our song?” On top of all that, there’s the fear of being cliché. Or it’s possible that you’ve heard every wedding slow dance song one hundred times over. If hearing Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” at a wedding does to you what Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” does to most people (hint: it involves wanting to sabotage the P.A. system), then here are a few hand-picked alternatives to consider for the big dance.


  1. The Script – “For The First Time”

From The UK band’s 2010 album Science & Faith, comes a pretty little single about standing beside one another through life’s toughest times. That may sound depressing, but Danny O’Donoghue’s lyrics are meant to inspire connection and faith. Faith that these times will pass and faith that lovers will comfort and see each other through it. It’s a lovely reminder that ‘for better or worse, in sickness and in health” is more than a vow, it’s an invitation to strengthen your commitment to one another.


  1. Coldplay – “Swallowed by The Sea”

When you wake at 2:00 A.M., sometimes you can feel the body heat of your partner, hear the rhythm of their breathing. It’s moments like that, when you wake from a dream, disorientated and slightly confused, it’s a relief that the first thought can be I’m not alone. That’s where Swallowed by The Sea comes in. “Well that’s where I belong, and you belong with me.” To know that someone belongs with you, unequivocally belongs with you, is the mindset of marriage writ-large.


  1. VNV Nation – “Beloved”

For twenty years, VNV Nation has shown a small but loyal audience that electronic dance music can contain intellect and emotional depth. At first, you wedding guests may think you’re trying to turn the reception into a nightclub, but the slow build, the heart-felt words or lovers finding one another through the end of the world is –pardon the word –epic (as in classical Greek). A song about past love, finding your love again, and being with them into the next life and beyond may define your partner and you perfectly.

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