What to Wear to a Holiday Wedding

What to Wear to a Holiday Wedding


Having a wedding around the holidays is great if you’re going for a glam winter wonderland atmosphere, but it can lead to questions of attire. Can you stick with certain classic colors or should you lean more towards certain color pallets? What about dress length and shoe choices? The questions of what to wear to a holiday wedding are probably swirling around in your mind, but it’s going to be okay! Take a deep breath and keep reading for our tips on what to wear to a holiday winter wedding. 


Bride & Groom 


Truth be told, this is your big day so you can wear whatever you want! That being said, if you are looking to tie your attire into the holiday spirit there are many things that you can do. Elegant black or gray tuxes can be paired with holiday colored ties or bowties, like red, holly, or even gold. A wedding dress with sparkles on it can also give a subtle nod to a winter wonderland theme. Long sleeves for holiday wedding dresses is also something that many brides tend to incorporate. 


Bridal Party 


You might have images in your head for what your bridal party should wear to your holiday wedding, but keep in mind that it’s going to be cold out! You can, of course, ask them to wear heels, but a closed-toe option might be best. This is especially true if you’re going to be taking outdoor photos or traveling outside at all. You might also want to opt for longer dresses that fall below the knees so you don’t have shivering bridesmaids all wedding long. For holiday wedding color palettes, shimmering colors like gold or silver are great. You can also go with a vibrant red or frosty blues. 


Remember to Keep Warm 


Whether you’re a bride, groom, part of the bridal party or a guest, remember to dress warmly for a holiday wedding. Winter weddings around the holidays are truly beautiful, but they’re cold! Even if you’re just going to be outside while venturing form the church to the reception, you’ll still want to dress warmly. For the bridal party, if any pictures are going to be taken outside, make sure you bring a nice coat. Pea coats are always a great option. Brides and bridesmaids can also take advantage of the cape or shawl trend and get cozy underneath those for the breathtaking winter wonderland wedding photos. 


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